The data auto renewal service of Glo is an automated service that enables your airtime to be automatically turned into a data plan immediately after recharging on your Glo provided you recharge with the amount of airtime usually converted into data.

Many Glo subscribers that have unknowingly enabled this service have come across this issue of data auto-renewal whenever you recharge on your Glo SIM.

It mostly happens when you try to buy data and then many prompts are just popping up, then due to rush or maybe anxiety, you unknowingly might have clicked “yes” to enable auto renewal. 
So whenever you recharge, your airtime is being automatically converted into the data plan you’ve enabled auto renewal for.
So now how do you stop this? Don’t panic again. I’ll be teaching you how to stop data auto renewal on Glo in a very easy and simple way.

How to Stop Auto Renewal of your Glo data plan.

To stop auto-renewal on Glo is very easy. All you have to do is
  • Open your phone messaging app
  • Type in “CANCEL” without the quotation marks
  • Then send it to 127
  • You’ll receive a message from Glo that you’ve have successfully unsubscribed from the data auto-renewal service.

Please make sure to send the message to stop the Glo auto renewal service before the expiration of your current data or else your airtime will be deducted and converted into data again.

I hope you were able to stop Glo data auto renewal service after reading this post.
Please share and leave a comment below if it worked for you.
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