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How to Sync Google Drive with Folders on Your Computer

You can sync Google Drive with folders on your computer and keep them saved in the cloud automatically. To do this, you need to install the backup and synchronization program, compatible with Windows as well as macOS, and log in to your account directly through the application. See, below, the step-by-step how to sync Google Drive with folders on your PC.

To sync folders from your computer to Google Drive, you need to install the Google service client on your device, compatible with Windows and macOS. Before proceeding, however, make sure you have enough storage space in Google Drive to save your folders in Google Drive.

  1. Download the Google Drive app

    The first step to sync your folders with Google Drive is to download the dedicated app. Go to the website and click on “Download Drive for Computer”;

  2. install the app

    Once downloaded, run the installer and install the app on your operating system. The process may take a few minutes to complete;

  3. login

    Then open the Google Drive app. 
    You will need to log in with your Google account;

  4. Access the app

    Once logged in, the Google Drive icon will be in your computer’s tray. Click on the app, go to the gear icon and go to “Preferences” to set up the sync.

  5. Select folders

    Select the “My Laptop” tab and click “Add Folder.” Next, choose which folders will be sent to Google Drive and confirm in “Select folder”; The program will ask for a new confirmation. 
    Click on “Save”;

  6. confirm synchronization

    To confirm the sync has finished, go to your computer’s tray and open the Google Drive app. 
    If the sync is paused, go to the gear icon and select “Resume sync”;

That’s it, now you know how to sync Google Drive with your PC. This process is also valid for those who already have Google Drive installed on their computer. To do this, just follow the tutorial from step 4.

Google’s sync tool lets you sync just a few folders from your computer to the cloud if you like. This avoids having to download all the files you already have in the cloud to your computer if the machine doesn’t have enough physical hard disk (HD) space.

If you have a Mac, here’s how to sync to your device.

How to Sync Google Drive on Mac

The process is very similar to the one taught in the walkthrough above. However, you may find some naming and process differences, since it is another operating system.

1. Open the app
Just like in Windows, open the Google Drive app, log in with your account and in the “My MacBook” tab click on “Add Folder”;

2. Select folders

Next, select the folder in which you want to upload to the cloud;

3. Confirm synchronization
Finally, leave the option “Sync with Google Drive” activated and click on “Done”;

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