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How to turn on anonymous voting in Among Us

Among Us received a new update for PC, iOS and Android adding some news in the configuration of matches. Learn what they are and how to enable anonymous mode, the most awaited option for players, and which can make life easier (or not) in Among Us.

How to turn on anonymous voting in Among Us

The anonymous vote in Among Us is one of the starting configuration options brought about by the latest game update. It works exactly as the name suggests: when activated, neither the crew nor the impostors can see the votes of others.

The icon of the character displayed below who received the vote turns gray, and it is not possible to visually identify who broke the vote. The crew members who skip their vows are also not identified.

With votes hidden, there are new possibilities of strategies for both crew members and impostors. It is not possible to confirm immediately whether someone actually voted for who they said they would vote for, and the impostor is less likely to be caught voting for someone the crew did not choose.

To enable the anonymous voting setting in Among Us:

  1. In the start lobby of the match, access the customization screen (through the notebook in the center of the ship);
  2. Click on the “Match” tab;
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Anonymous Votes” option and click to turn anonymous voting on or off.

Like the other settings, all players can see whether or not the option is enabled in the lobby before the match begins. Only the game host can change this setting.

New start settings

The taskbar has received new settings. You can now view progress only during meetings, make it completely invisible, or always visible to everyone.

Impostors have also gained some new benefits. Now, sabotage of the Communications room can erase the activity log on some maps (such as MIRA HQ).

In addition to the news in the gameplay, the latest update also brought improvements in the detection of cheating, something that has plagued players of Among Us.

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