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How to use a paraphrasing tool to make assignments unique?

Making assignments is one of the most important parts of education. Assignments are the written assessments which students are required to submit.

Assignments give the details of the students according to respective topics. Since the pandemic has broken through, all of the institutions have shifted their educational activities online.

This has assisted both the students and the teachers. But with every benefit, there are problems too.

Where the students are required to upload the assignments in MS Word files or any documents, plagiarism comes. Students feel easy to copy-paste data from websites to their assignments.

This saves time and effort for them.  If we look at it lawfully, it is a crime. Students may face legal persecution in the wake of this crime. So,

Q.    What do they need to make the plagiarized content unique?

A paraphrasing tool can be the perfect answer. It can help students make their assignments unique by paraphrasing the content.

What is Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool is used to paraphrase the content. It allows you to swap your words with their nearest synonyms.

It helps you to change the structure of the sentence by keeping the meaning and nature the same. This makes your assignment unique as no plagiarized work remains there.

How does it work?

Paraphrasers are commonly present online for free. Most of them are AI-based and have the best quality paraphrasing. 

Online paraphrasing tools are very handy to use. There is no rocket science included in using online paraphrasing tools.

You can use Prepostseo’s AI Paraphraser (free version) or any other free paraphrasing tool and paste your text in input section. You will have your content paraphrased in a fraction of seconds.

After you have put your data in the box, press the green button. You will have the results like:

A lot of options are provided here.

  • You can paraphrase the content again if you are not satisfied with the current results.
  • The paraphrased content has a large number of underlined words which are the synonyms of the original words present in the content.
  • Yo0u can change the synonym by clicking on the word.
  • You can choose another word from the dictionary or may use one of your choices.
  • It will swap it with the word that you provided.

The tool that we are going to discuss in this article also provides different modes of paraphrasing according to your need.

The modes are categorized as:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative


The simple mode gives a normal spin in the structure of the sentences. It swaps the words with their basic level synonyms. 


In advanced mode, this paraphraser gives you a few advanced features as the sentences are changed to a good extent. It provides much better synonyms and relevant words that can fit even more in the context of your content.

It has provided a color scheme to changes or swapped words. It also has an optio0n to change the synonyms according to your need and requirement.

You can add or change the synonyms of your interest. This feature allows you to mold the content according to your intent.


This is a feature based on AI technology. It self-analyzes the content and provides the best-paraphrased article.

It changes and swaps the meanings with the best-provided synonyms without changing the nature of the sentence or the word.

In this feature, you get three more options than the rest of the features.

You can check plagiarism, grammar and summarize the content if you want to. This helps remove the plagiarism present in your content.

After checking plagiarism, you will be able to change the plagiarized part of the content. This will make your assignment unique and plagiarism-free. 

A grammar check will help you to detect grammatical errors and remove them. It will also make your assignment error-free.

Paraphrased content will show no plagiarism. Your assignment is now free of plagiarism. You have your unique assignment ready out of experts’ content.


It is also an AI-based feature of this tool. It changes your content to a creative level. It is the most accurate feature of this tool.

The paraphraser changes the content with the most relevant and frequently used synonyms without leaving any doubt of copying it.

Check for Plagiarism

After using paraphrasing tools, you can go for the next step which is plagiarism check. This step will let you know if there is any plagiarism remaining in the content. 

If the plagiarism detector detects any plagiarism, it means that the tool is not much accurate. But you can paraphrase it again to remove the plagiarism.

If it is still there, use another paraphrasing tool for a better experience.

On the other hand, if no plagiarism is found, it means you have used a good paraphrasing tool. After the removal of plagiarized content from your assignment, you have now the unique one.

This assignment cannot be spotted to be plagiarized or copied. Someone else’s idea is now yours. You have a unique assignment ready to submit and get praises from the tutors.


In the end, this can be concluded that using paraphrasing tools can be beneficial for students. It helps them make assignments unique easily.

But, the best way to make unique assignments is to do them by yourself. Making your assignments is the best practice a student can have. No idea can be more unique than that of your own.

Try to create the data out of your ideas. No one can copy your idea from your mind. The more the students try to make assignments of their own, the more they will be unique.

All the tools are helpful, but you must use your brain as the basic tool. No tool in the world is better than your brain.

Want to make the assignments unique, make your own, and if you can’t do this, paraphrasing tools are here to save your day.

George Philip
George is a technology content writer with few years of experience. Specialized in mobile devices, personal computers and consumer technology, as well as software and applications. He explains all technological concepts so that users with less knowledge can understand it. If not writing, you may find him engrossed playing action games on his smartphone. Just so you know, he loves Xiaomi products alot. You may contact him via his email - [email protected]


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