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Do you have a very good handwriting? Have you ever wished your handwriting could be a font on Android and PC? Are you looking for how to make your hand writing very well known?  Yes, you can actually make this happen.

It’s very easy and simple to do, you just have to create the font of your own handwriting and then set the font to your device.

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Follow the steps to get started.

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Note: your phone must be rooted.

Steps on how to use your handwriting as system font on Android.

  1. Firstly, visit this website http://www.myscriptfont.com/.
  2. After the page as loaded, download the template as PDF or PNG and then print it
  3. Now fill the form using a black pen and then scan the page in (600x300dpi) 
  4. You could even use CamScanner app. This will reduce the stress of using the real scanner 
  5. Now upload the document you scanned and then name your font
  6. Now simply tap on start button and wait until it generates a .tif file
  7. Download that file and place it in your sdcard or flashdrive
  8. Now on your rooted Android phone, download iFont from Playstore
  9. Then click on “My Font” tab there and then click on “Click This“
  10. Now navigate to locate your .tif file and then click on set option there. The process will begin immediately
  11. That’s it you are done, now your handwriting will now be set as your font.
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That’s all on how to nake your handwriting a system font on your Android phone. Very easy and simple.

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