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How to watch Disney Plus with friends [GroupWatch]

Disney+ GroupWatch allows up to seven friends to simultaneously watch the same title, each on their device

Available on Disney Plus, GroupWatch is a tool that allows up to seven people to see any catalog title at the same time in a synchronized experience, wherever they are. The option is ideal for those who want to watch a Disney Plus movie or series with friends and family even if they are not together.

How does Disney Plus GroupWatch work?

Basically, you send or receive the link to watch and, when you click, enter a “room” with the participants. These other users also need to be subscribers to the Disney Plus streaming service, as you need to sign in before signing in.

Anyone on GroupWatch can control playback—start, pause, play again, move forward, or backward. If you make any changes to the video, such as a pause, it will be valid for everyone watching it.

While syncing the title for everyone watching, GroupWatch doesn’t have an integrated chat. If you want to comment on what’s happening on the screen, you’ll need to chat through another app. The maximum interaction the tool allows is with reaction emojis for scenes —they will appear on all participants’ screen.

How to use GroupWatch to watch Disney Plus with friends

You can invite up to six people to GroupWatch, which works on both Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) and desktop. If you accept the invitation by mobile or computer, you’ll also be able to watch it on TV.

Follow the steps below to start GroupWatch on Disney Plus:

Disney Plus group watch
  1. Sign in to the Disney plus website or app and sign in to your account;
  2. Go to the movie or series page you want to see with friends;
  3. Select the Groupwatch icon next to “+”;
  4. Click “+” and copy the link;
  5. Share the link with up to six people. If they have a Disney Plus account, they’ll automatically sign in to the Groupwatch start screen;
  6. Click “Join” to enter the video room. The other participants should do the same.

How to join a Disney Plus GroupWatch on TV

You can be part of a GroupWatch by Smart TV, but you can first accept the invitation through the app on your phone or computer. Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the GroupWatch link via desktop or mobile device;
  2. On your TV, search for the movie or series that will be watched with friends;
  3. Select the GroupWatch icon and click “Join”;
  4. Okay, you’ll see the title in sync with other people.

Now just watch the movies and series with your friends.

Source: Disney.


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