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IGTV: 5 best apps for creating vertical videos on Instagram

The Instagram launched IGTV, its platform that came to compete with YouTube in the production of video content. But, while Google’s social network remains in the traditional 16: 9, Instagram TV has come to popularize vertical content production.

We have separated the best applications for you to capture your videos, edit and even add elements such as text and music.

1. Capturing your videos dynamically



It is a camera application that also serves as a video editor. You can capture small parts of your day using both the front and rear cameras and, in the end, have them all on a simplified timeline, without having to leave the app. Each video can be edited separately – if you missed the beginning, you don’t need to redo it, just redo it during the recording and then cut the part you didn’t like. You can add filters, write captions or draw on the screen. Finally, just export and you will have a video ready to publish on IGTV.

Available for Android and iOS.



It is more of a simplified application to group your videos into small sections and then save them in a single video. It has excellent color filters, exposure, contrast, saturation and temperature controls. You can also edit each video clip individually, adding texts, their location, songs you have on your cell phone or those provided for free by the tool itself. The only detail you need to be aware of is the recording limit: up to 180 seconds for each total edit.

Available for Android and iOS.

2. Editing and adding more elements



It is a photo and video editing application in which you can add elements such as text, stickers, music, filters, change the speed, reposition the video in a corner of the screen or add colored backgrounds. You can edit all the videos you created with the applications mentioned above and by Inshot to further enhance your editing. The app is very complete and it is possible to edit videos in all formats, from 1: 1 to the new 2: 1 formats of current smartphones.

Available for Android and iOS.



This app is even easier to use when you need to put several parts of the same video playing at the same time. Unfold has minimalist templates in which you add text with a photo or video and can edit several at the same time. The ideal is to make combinations of photo and video or different parts of videos addressing the same subject. Focused on minimalism, the app also provides paid templates that simulate montage of polaroid photos and film negatives.

Available for Android and iOS .

3. The icing on the cake


This application is the best to create the vignettes or the final screens of your videos. Just write a short text and it provides several animations. In addition, each animation can have its background color and style changed. You can add a background image and create the text animation over it. There is only one limitation in this app: videos in the 1: 1 ratio.

Available for Android and iOS.

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