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Insiders: Sony PS5 is more expensive than Microsoft Xbox Series X

Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X will go on sale at the end of this year 2020, the two parties announced the console configuration and some game lineups, but the two next-generation consoles key content has not been announced: that is the price.

Insider Dusk Golem is mainly known for the revelations of CAPCOM (“Resident Evil/Street Fighter”) and “Silent Hill”. He published in a post titled “In reality, how does Microsoft expect to compete with Sony’s next generation?” After some new news, he said that the cost price of PS5 is likely to be higher than that of Xbox Series X, because Microsoft is better than Sony to absorb production costs while maintaining low retail prices. In addition, Dusk Golem also reported from his source that Sony’s next-generation consoles are more strenuous than Xbox Series X in multi-platform games.

“…In terms of raw performance, Xbox Series X is much more powerful than PS5, and multi-platform games will run better. This is a good preparation for people. In addition, Microsoft has already done a lower price than Sony in terms of price. Preparation. It’s easier to make sacrifices in game console sales than Sony, and get back profits from Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Relatively speaking, Sony can make a fuss on this point.

PS5 is easier to develop on the whole, and there are very talented studios behind Sony. They will get the most benefit from PS5. I don’t doubt that, but this topic is about how Microsoft will compete, so my focus is what. When it comes to cross-platform games, they will eventually perform better on Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X will have a technical advantage over PS5, and it will have a greater marginal advantage.

The basic point I heard is that PS5 is indeed better for exclusive games, but in fact, for multi-platform games, the specifications are a bit strange. If there are multiple platforms, the use of the PS5 SSD solid-state hard drive system does help, but it does not play the best role. I have also heard some developers say that PS5 is still very difficult for 1080P games to run at 60fps, while Xbox Series X There is no same problem, and it can even be pushed above this number in most cases. Of course, this is only what I have talked to with a small group of people, and there is more content, but I heard that there is one thing that makes this generation a bit interesting, and that is the focus of PS5 and Xbox Series X in other areas. This generation of multi-platform games will become’interesting’, so that we may actually see fewer games, and more games will appear on one platform or other (plus PC), because of their The degree of concentration is a bit different, and it is actually quite difficult to get a game to its best on both platforms. “

In a follow-up post, Dusk Golem clarified that he was mainly referring to “Resident Evil 8: Village”, which is obviously difficult to reach 1080P/60fps on PlayStation 5. In other words, Dusk Golem also heard from other developer friends that this situation may also happen in other multi-platform games.

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