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iOS 14 vs Android: Features Apple copied from Android

At the WWDC 2020 conference, Apple announced various information about the new iOS 14 system. Compared with the previous generation of iOS system, iOS 14 has improved a lot in terms of interaction and function. However, if you are an Android user, you may be familiar with many of the selling points of iOS 14 – these selling points seem familiar in Android!

In fact, the development of mobile operating systems today has more or less the same trend. After all, everyone has been serving the touch screen for so many years, and it has been difficult to play earth-shattering tricks with functional interaction. So what features of iOS 14 “plagiarize” (or copy) Android? Lets take a look.

iOS 14 App resource library vs Android application drawer

iOS 14 has added a new feature, App Resource Library, which co-exists with traditional desktops and is dedicated to placing apps. Thanks to the App Resource Library, users no longer need to place all App icons on the desktop home screen. This mechanism is almost the same as the Android application drawer.

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iOS 14 App resource library vs Android application drawer“Repository” of iOS 14 can automatically categorize apps

Android introduced the design of the application drawer from the beginning, separating the App list from the desktop. Many users did not understand this mechanism at the time, thinking that it was not intuitive to see all apps on the desktop, so many ROMs adopted the iOS desktop design, canceled the application drawer, and displayed all apps on the desktop. However, with the increase in the number of installed apps, the design advantages of the application drawer began to show, users can hide some apps on the desktop, rather than let the apps be arranged densely on the entire desktop.

Application drawer in Android, and automatic classification of App

Of course, the App resource library of iOS 14 still has its unique design. For example, it can automatically classify apps and classify apps with similar functions into the same “folder”; for example, its visual sense will be closer to WP tiles. But in fact, some Android ROM application drawers also have a smart classification function. The iOS 14 App resource library is indeed not new in the Android camp.

iOS 14 widget vs Android desktop Widget – application widget

iOS 14 introduced the concept of Widget widgets. As long as the App is adapted, users can add widgets corresponding to the App to the desktop to present more intuitive information or achieve more convenient operations. This concept undoubtedly appeared earlier in the Android camp.

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iOS 14 adds support for desktop widgets

The Android system has long supported the Widget component and Android developers and users are familiar with this, and it is widely used in various scenarios such as music control and weather information presentation. Even if it is a third-party ROM, this feature is rarely emasculated except for a desktop such as the Hammer OS that is so special that it can no longer be special.

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Desktop widget in Android

The benefits of Apple’s addition of a desktop widget component in iOS 14 are obvious. It can make the desktop more functional, rather than just presenting the interface as a pure App. Of course, this is complementary to the design of the App resource library. The App resource library frees up desktop space, giving the desktop Widget widget a place to stay-otherwise the dense icons will have to be squeezed into several Widgets, which is too stretched.

iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture vs Android Picture-in-Picture

Apple added the picture-in-picture function in iOS 14, when playing the video, you can make the video shrink into a small window, and keep playing in any interface. You can continue to watch videos through the picture-in-picture window while using other apps. Whether it is watching a video or video chat, it is quite practical.

Picture in picture on iOS 14

This function is obviously well-known to Android users. In Android 8.0, the Android system has perfect support for PIP. Many well-known Android apps such as YouTube and Netflix support Picture-in-Picture. iOS 14 is keeping up with Android this time.

Picture-in-Picture Mode in Android

iOS 14 incoming call notification bar vs Android incoming call notification bar

This is a new interaction design in iOS 14. When using iPhone, if you receive an incoming call suddenly, the incoming call answering interface will not occupy the full screen, but only the answering option will pop up in the notification bar to reduce the interference to the user’s current functions.

iOS 14 incoming call notification bar vs Android incoming call notification bar

This design is already common place in Android, and Apple is behind Android this time.

Android notification floating window answering phone design

To sum up

The update of iOS 14 is not only mentioned above. The new iOS also brings more powerful search functions, real-time translation based on local AI calculations, e.t.c. These improvements and new features will bring a better experience. There is no denying that iOS 14 does have some shadows of Android, but as mentioned earlier, the mutual learning of mobile operating systems is inevitable.

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In recent years, Android has also learned the full-screen gesture interaction and multitasking interface of iOS, and the background mechanism has gradually moved closer to iOS. Both sides complement each other and become more perfect. Both iOS 14 and Android 11 will meet with you this year, and we look forward to bringing users a better experience.

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