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Microsoft announced more parameters for Xbox Series X

In today’s Hot Chips 2020 keynote speech, Microsoft announced more parameters of the AMD SoC on the Xbox Series X.

Next generation HW innovation

This AMD SoC is equipped with a 3.8GHz Zen 2 architecture server-level processor, 8 cores and 16 threads, and supports sampler feedback stream technology, DXR API, variable speed shading and machine learning acceleration. The GPU uses 14Gbps GDDR6 video memory, supports 8K output, HDMI 2.1 transmission, variable refresh rate, 120Hz, etc.

Microsoft Xbox Series X SoC Specs

This SoC is equipped with 15.3 billion transistors. Compared with the Xbox One X chip with only 6.6 billion transistors, the transistor density has more than doubled.

Microsoft Xbox Series X GPU diagram

Xbox Series X GPU is equipped with 52 CUs, which is a 3328 stream processor, based on the upcoming AMD RDNA2 architecture. Microsoft has confirmed that this GPU has a total of 56 CUs, which means that 4 of them are disabled.

Foreign media VideoCardz pointed out that Microsoft’s ray tracing method is no different from Nvidia’s RTX. It is a hybrid simplified version that provides higher visual fidelity with reasonable performance. The slide also mentions machine learning acceleration, but Microsoft did not explain whether its principle is like the Nvidia tensor core.


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