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Microsoft will have cheap accessory for streaming Xbox games

Microsoft wants to expand xCloud, so it is already studying the possibility of launching a stick for streaming in the near future

Microsoft should launch cheap accessories for streaming games in 2021. It is indicating an interview with Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, the site Stratechery. During the conversation, Spencer talks about expanding the xCloud service for the near future.

xCloud expanded

In the chat, the executive even mentioned the possibility of having accessories like dongles or sticks for xCloud, with games via cloud computing and streaming, which today already works on Android devices. In addition, he indicated that it may be a low-priced solution.

“I think we will see cheap hardware as part of our ecosystem, with something like streaming sticks or other things that someone can just plug into their TV and play via xCloud,” he said. “You can believe in something like us, including in the Game Pass subscription, something that gives you the possibility to transmit xCloud games to your television, when you buy a controller,” he added.

Microsoft tried to launch accessories for Xbox streaming in 2016, but the idea was eventually canceled. However, the idea of ​​streaming, today, within the company, continues to get stronger, thanks to xCloud and Game Pass.

It was also about the Game Pass that Spencer commented in the same interview, talking about a possible “ Xbox Game Pass Platinum”, a subscription model that does not yet exist. The executive mentioned about the possibility of having this type of subscription, which would include some type of new hardware from the Xbox line, for anyone who subscribes.

Although the streaming accessory is practically a reality for 2021, for now everything is in the field of ideas and rumors.

Source: The Verge.

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