Microsoft is currently waiting for Sony to announce the price of PS5, and then only the price of Xbox Series X.

Although Microsoft tried to highlight the leading competitor Sony by announcing the specifications, features and game lineup of the Xbox Series X in advance, Microsoft has not disclosed the most important Xbox Series X price.

Interestingly, both video game analyst Michael Pachter and former Microsoft executive Peter Moore revealed that Microsoft is waiting for Sony to reveal the cards. In fact, they claim that Microsoft plans to lower the PlayStation price by $ 100!

Analyst Michael Pachter said: “As far as I know, Sony will have to set a price of $ 500 for the PS5, and Microsoft’s balance sheet can bear it.”

The analyst continued: “If they want to reduce the price by $ 100-just below the price of [PS5] and subsidize the first 10 million devices, they will.” “So, I think they are waiting for Sony to announce the price first. , And then disclose the price. It is likely to be $ 400. “

Former EA and Microsoft executive Peter Moore responded to Michael Pachter’s ideas, saying that Microsoft is only evaluating how much damage they may suffer in the early stages of this generation.

Sony PlayStation will sell fewer PS5 consoles this year due to rising component prices, so the cheaper Xbox Series X may be a good move for Microsoft. We also hope that the price of PS5 will not be too high. Xbox director Phil Spencer claimed that Xbox will maintain the “flexibility” of its console prices in the current global financial situation, suggesting that the Xbox Series X price will be lowered.

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