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Subscription: MTN night browsing plan

Speaking about Night Plans, MTN Nigeria night plan is inarguably the best subscription plan for nightcrawlers. With the newly revamped MTN night browsing plan, you can now browse from 11 pm to 6 am with just N25 and N50 plan! so you don’t have to wait until midnight again.

MTN night plan is not just the best; the network is also super fast at night. This means if you don’t like keeping late hours, you can quickly use up the night plan for whatsoever reason you subscribed to it and get to sleep before midnight.

MTN Nigeria offers 250MB and 500MB as the night plan data bonus, and it is available for all MTN subscribers. The 250MB plan costs N25 while the 500MB plan costs N50.

It is worth noting that only Pulse users alone are allowed to subscribe to MTN night plan and that is why it is sometimes called MTN Pulse free night browsing.

How to subscribe to MTN night plan

  • To subscribe to MTN midnight browsing plan, you must be on MTN Pulse tariff, to join the MTN Pulse tariff, simply dial *406# and follow the prompt;
  • You must have a minimum of 25 naira on your MTN account balance;
  • To activate the MTN night tariff plan, text NIGHT to 131, or dial *406#, select 3 and activate any nightlife plan of your choice;
  • Alternatively, text NT1 or NT2 to 131 to get 250MB or 500MB for 25 Naira and 50 Naira respectively.
How to subscribe to MTN night plan

How to Subscribe to MTN 250MB Night Plan

  1. Dial *406#;
  2. Enter 4 for MTN nightlife plan;
  3. The enter 1 to select 25 naira for 250MB night plan;
  4. Reply 1 to confirm your night browsing plan purchase;
  5. You will receive a message that your subscription to MTN night plan is successful and it’s valid from 11pm to 6am.

You can purchase this plan only eight times in one night. Hence, the maximum amount of nightlife data you can purchase in one night is 2GB.

How to Subscribe to MTN 500MB Night Plan

  1. Dial *406# on your phone dialer;
  2. Input 3 to select MTN nightlife plan;
  3. Then enter 2 to select 50 naira for 500MB night plan;
  4. Now, enter 1 to confirm data bundle purchase;
  5. You will receive a message from MTN that your night plan subscription is successful.
  6. You can only purchase the 500MB nightlife plan four times in one night. Hence, a usage policy of 2GB.

What time does MTN night Browsing start

MTN midnight browsing plan starts at exactly 11pm and ends at 6am everyday. Before now, it usually starts at 12am to 5am and we hope that MTN Nigeria won’t change this time again.

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How to Check MTN night plan balance

To check you MTN Night plan balance,

  1. Dial *406#;
  2. Enter 3 for MTN nightlife bundle;
  3. Select 3 to check your night plan balance;
  4. A screen prompt will appear showing your remaining nightlife bundle and the time of expiration;
  5. Alternatively, text 2 to 131 and wait for a message with details of your remaining data balance.
How to check your MTN night plan balance

How to accumulate MTN night plan

MTN allows a fair usage policy of 2GB, meaning that you can subscribe to 500MB for N50 plan up to 4 times. Before now it was 1GB but thanks to MTN for increasing the number of times one can subscribe to MTN night plan even though it’s no more than 2GB in one night.

Well that’s it folks. I have exhausted my night plan so I’m going to sleep now. Happy night browsing!


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