Netflix app for Android brings “screen lock” to not pause series or movie when touching the touchscreen.

The Netflix app for Android has been updated in the last week to include a new feature called “screen lock”: if you touch the touchscreen, there is no risk of accidentally pausing the series or moving on to another moment from the video.

Netflix updates app with screen lock

On Twitter, the screen lock has been mentioned over the past few days. This is a new button at the bottom of the playback interface, next to “Episodes” (in the case of series) or “Audio and subtitles”.

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As 9to5Google explains , this button hides the entire Netflix interface, including the play / pause buttons and the slider to advance the video. When you tap the screen, only a lock icon appears, which you must tap to unlock. It is a way to prevent accidental touches from disturbing the user experience.

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On the left side, you will also see a brightness slider , a feature that has been tested in the Netflix app since at least December 2019.

Apparently, only the Netflix app for Android has the screen lock feature; this would not have appeared for iPhone and iPad users for the time being.


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