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How to use Netflix Party on Chrome, Android and iPhone

The Netflix Party is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to synchronize video players and watch Netflix on phone remotely with friends. The plugin simulates a movie night with someone special at a long distance and in addition to combining video playback, adds a group chat for anyone invited by the host to chat.

Note that Netflix Party does not have an Android version on mobile. But you can choose to use Netflix Rave, an application for Android and iPhone (iOS) that also works with Dayddeam and Samsung GearVR in the RaveVR version. Netflix Rave combines videos with text messages and includes YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive and Dropbox.

How to use Netflix Party on Chrome

how to use Netflix party to watch movies with friends
  1. Install Netflix Party on Google Chrome;
  2. Open a video on the Netflix website;
  3. Start or join a Netflix Party by tapping “NP”;
  4. Click the button next to the address bar to start the party;
  5. When creating a Netflix Party, you can choose whether only you will have control of the video;
  6. Share the URL created so that others can join the party;
  7. The recipient must click on this URL and then click on the Netflix Party icon.
how to use Netflix Party on Chrome

You can choose whether to open the chat and all participants must have an active Netflix account to watch videos with friends even if invited.

There are many other extensions with similar features in case Netflix Party crashes. You can find some here (producthunt.com/alternatives/netflix-party).

How to use Netflix Rave on your phone (Android and iOS / iPhone)

How to use Netflix Rave on your phone (Android and iOS / iPhone)
  1. On your phone, download Netflix Rave ;
  2. You will need to login with Gmail or Facebook;
  3. That done, click “+” to start a “new Rave”;
  4. Choose which streaming service you will use (in this case, Netflix);
  5. You will need to enter your login and password on the platform;
  6. Also choose the profile of who is watching (in this case, you);
  7. Choose a video to watch with your friends on Rave (everyone must download it);
  8. Touch the “play” icon on the video, pause to add friends;
  9. Choose the privacy of Rave and invite friends on messengers and social networks.

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