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New Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Tool recovers Accidentally deleted data

Microsoft App Store has just listed a very useful tool. If you accidentally delete or lose some data, this tool may save you a lot of trouble.

New microsoft windows file Recovery Tool

The name of this tool is Windows File Recovery Tool and you can download it from here, which is a command-line tool that can help you recover photos, documents, videos, etc. even if the hard disk is emptied. The tool can even recover data from a connected camera or SD card, but it does not support network drives.

In the app store listing, Microsoft describes the app as follows:

Accidentally deleted an important file? Wiped clean your hard drive? Unsure of what to do with corrupted data? Windows File Recovery can help recover your personal data.

For photos, documents, videos and more, Windows File Recovery supports many file types to help ensure that your data is not permanently lost.

Recovering from a camera or SD card? Try Signature mode, which expands beyond NTFS recovery and caters to your storage device needs. Let this app be your first choice for helping to find what you need from your hard drive, SSD (*limited by TRIM), USB drive, or memory cards.

Recover deleted files and data on windows

The tool supports:

  • Locate the file name, keywords, file path or extension in the recovered file
  • Recover JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office files, MP3 and MP4, ZIP files, etc.
  • Recover files from HDD, SSD, USB and memory card
  • Support NTFS, FAT, exFAT and ReFS file systems.

For more information about the Windows File Recovery Tool, is available on the Microsoft support site.

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