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Goldman Sachs, who had accurately predicted PS5, expected Sony to launch the PS5 handheld version in 2023

News says Sony may launch PS5 handheld version in 2023

News from a well-known investment bank Goldman Sachs reported that Sony may launch the Portable version of PS5 in 2023.

It is reported that Goldman Sachs had accurately predicted that Sony will release PS5 in 2020 in the 2017 report, and the report also predicted that Sony will launch the portable version of PS5 in 2023, and Sony will launch PS6 in 2027. However, at present it is not possible to prove the accuracy of this prediction, at least the official has not publicly expressed any news of the portable version of PS5 or PS6.

What is interesting is that Sony has indeed registered a trademark of each generation name between PS6 and PS10, so it is not a surprise that the launch of PS6 is also a matter of time. In the past two years, Nintendo Switch has achieved great success in the form of handhelds, which may also prompt Sony to consider entering the handheld market.

In addition, Sony’s mobile phone business did not improve, but instead made the voice of high-quality mobile games become louder. Back to PS5, because it needs to meet 4K 120Hz and support 8K games, its size and weight (reportedly 4.8 kg) are not small, and even the Xbox X series of friends is directly made into an ITX case.

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