Today Nikkei News released the latest report on Apple’s upcoming iPhone product line, confirming a lot of previously rumored information.

Nikkei said that the iPhone 12 will be composed of four new models, and each new model will be equipped with an OLED display . This will be the first time that all of Apple’s flagship phones use OLED screen technology, which provides true black and better contrast. It is worth mentioning that today’s Bloomberg report also said that Apple will use OLED displays in all new iPhone models.

In addition, Nikkei also confirmed the previously rumored iPhone 12 no longer comes with accessories such as chargers.

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Well-known analyst Guo Mingchi previously said that Apple will stop providing headphones and power adapters in the iPhone 12 box, which has caused a lot of controversy. Nikkei said that Apple does not ship these accessories to save costs, the motivation is that most iPhone users already have rich chargers and headphones.

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In terms of display screen, as part of the new design of mobile phones, iPhone 12 series will adopt a new screen size. The iPhone 12 will have a new smaller 5.4-inch screen size, two 6.1-inch models and a new larger 6.7-inch version. The overall industrial design will look much like the new iPad Pro, with flat sides.

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The 5.4-inch and one of the 6.1-inch models will be positioned as low-end devices , while the “Pro” 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch versions will receive all new features, such as LiDAR sensor. Many people expect that high-end models will use 120Hz ProMotion display.

Nikkei said that Apple will mainly rely on Samsung to supply OLED panels. Apple has been trying to incorporate BOE Technology into the supply chain to increase competition among suppliers, but the company has not yet met Apple’s strict quality control.

Apple is expected to officially announce the iPhone 12 series at the September event. Many analysts pointed out that the COVID-19 epidemic caused delays in production. However, the delay of the iPhone is now expected to be at most one or two months, which means that all iPhone 12 models will be launched before November.

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