Recently, more and more news about OPPO Reno Ace2, with the digital blogger exposure of the new machine “Oreo” rear lens module design, IMX586, 190g slim body and other information attracted the majority Consumer eyes.

Early this morning, Shen Yiren, a well-known digital blogger and vice president of OPPO, quietly threw a “replay” on Weibo, not only revealing that OPPO Reno Ace2 will be released in April 2020, and at the same time the new phone was very light weight: “The weight of the new phone is very friendly to the little finger.”
Although the information exposed about the new phone is not too much, it is basically that the OPPO Reno Ace2 will use the “Oreo” design. The information that the new phone weighed around 190g earlier was also officially obtained. It has been indirectly confirmed that when Reno Ace2 is launched, it may become one of the thinner and lighter performance phones in the market.
After the launch of OPPO Reno Ace last year, the 90Hz gaming screen, 135Hz touch sampling rate, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus have made many mobile game players “fascinated”, whether it is screen display, processing speed, heating and other issues are handled very well; And the upcoming Reno Ace2 will likely continue the first-generation 90Hz refresh rate screen.
As for the processor, it should use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship processor, which is hot this year, to guarantee the performance of the new phone; the current performance Basically, the mobile phone must exceed 200g. The pressure on the little finger for a long time is very strong, and the little finger is often caught out of the groove. The thin body can not only bring a more comfortable experience, but also have more powerful performance. Reno Ace2 is worth looking forward to.
In addition, with the optimized configuration of the Reno Ace2, the radio charging scheme everyone expects is likely to be abandoned, and the middle frame may also use new materials to reduce the weight of the fuselage.
As a 5G high-performance model, the performance of Reno Ace2 is worth looking forward to. Follow-up OPPO officials or digital bloggers will also reveal those surprising configuration information, so stay tuned.
Source: yesky
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