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PEMF Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Is PEMF therapy an invasive procedure?

No, PEMF therapy is a non-invasive procedure, which is one of the main reasons behind this
treatment’s success.

Is PEMF therapy a complicated process?

Contrary to popular belief, PEMF therapy works by a very simple process of using
low-frequency electromagnetic waves. These waves have the ability to penetrate deep into
your body, and they trigger the internal healing process.

How is PEMF therapy performed?

This therapy is performed with the help of a PEMF device. The device comes with a heating
mat that is placed on the affected area of your body, and it releases mild electromagnetic
waves that go deep inside your body and promote cellular healing.

Is PEMF therapy harmful?

Some people think that PEMF therapy might be harmful due to the use of electromagnetic
waves. However, it’s completely safe because it works by using low-frequency
electromagnetic waves, and these waves don’t have any harm to your body. In fact, they
help to heal it.

How to Measure the Success of the Therapy?

People are curious as they want to know how they can measure the success of the therapy
and can they truly tell if it’s working or not. The answer is simple. You will notice an
improvement in whatever complication you’re treating with this therapy.
This means that you can use PEMF treatment to heal any internal injury such as joint injury,
muscle injury, ligament tear. You can also use it to improve your blood flow and mental
health. Furthermore, you will also notice a sudden surge in your energy levels, and you will
feel less lethargic than before.

What is the most impressive use of PEMF therapy?

While this technique is used for several treatments, its most impressive use is on NASA
astronauts as it helps restore their muscular function and bone strength after they return
from space. Being in a zero-gravity environment makes their bones and muscles weak for
such a long time.

How can we make PEMF therapy more effective?

If you want to make the most of this treatment, you must take care of your nutrition,
hydration, and physical activity. It would help if you modified your lifestyle choices since they
will give you more long-lasting results. Furthermore, drinking seven to eight glasses of water
a day is most important as being well-hydrated ensures optimal current flow in the tissues
and cells that improves healing.

What are the precautions for using PEMF therapy?

While this procedure is safe to use, pregnant and menstruating women should try to avoid
this treatment. Furthermore, it should not be used in any area with blood clotting. You should
also avoid using it on people with electronic devices implanted in their body like pacemakers.

Is this therapy FDA approved?

You will be happy to learn that the FDA approved PEMF therapy and PEMF devices back in 2007. They are being used since then.

Is the process painful?

No, the PEMF therapy is not painful at all. In fact, it will help you feel relaxed. You will also
feel the electromagnetic waves going into your body, but you will not feel any pain.

How long does the treatment last?

The duration of the treatment lasts according to the intensity of your injury. A slight injury will
take less time, and a severe injury will take more time—however, the treatment’s common
time is ten minutes.

Do you need to undress for the treatment?

No, you don’t need to undress for the treatment, and it can be performed with your clothes

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