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PES 2021 to Be a Budget ‘Season Update’, PES 2022 to Use Unreal Engine

PES developer KONAMI released the next generation of PES promotional video and officially announced today (July 15) that since they are working on the next generation of PES – PES 2022 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which is being developed with the help of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. (Currently, Konami uses Unreal Engine on mobile, and Fox Engine elsewhere.), PES 2021 will not be launched as a complete game as everyone expects, but will Launched as a “season update” content, but on the basis of last year’s game, “season update “Appearance.

According to official information, the next generation of PES will be developed using Unreal Engine, rather than the FOX engine that has been used in the previous game. In addition, the official stated that it will start testing in the middle of 2021 and launch it in the same year.

Official Announcement:

At the moment when the next generation of consoles is about to usher in the game world, we hope to share with our players our vision for the future of PES. We are working hard to develop the next generation of football games, and will fully reflect our “The Pitch is Ours” concept.

We will update the game engine to bring amazing progress in all aspects, including more realistic player models and movements, enhanced physical authenticity, and photo-like visual effects. We know that many players are eagerly anticipating the new myClub and Master League, both of which will receive massive updates.

We set ambitious goals for this next-generation football game and poured a lot of resources, so our investment in other developments has been reduced. In view of this , we decided to streamline the content of this year’s PES and launch it in the form of a “season update”. Even so, we are confident that these contents will bring players an extraordinary football experience. Players are also expected to look forward to the next-generation works we will launch thereafter.

This year is also the 25th anniversary of the PES series. In order to commemorate this major milestone, we also thank the loyal players. This year’s PES will be launched with a more affordable anniversary special offer and include several gifts.

We currently plan to start testing next-generation games in the middle of 2021 and launch them in the second half of the same year.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the season update launched this year.

As the next generation project gradually takes shape, we will announce more news.

PES 2020 is a sequel to the Pro evolution Soccer series produced and released by Konami. This game introduces a new dribble technology called “slim dribble”, which makes the handle control comparable to the real “foot” sense, as well as an upgraded version of motion capture, free kick accuracy, and more realistic defense and football physics.

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