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Photo: PlayStation 5 side panels, it seems, will indeed be removable

In June, 2020, Sony unveiled the futuristic design of the PlayStation 5. One of the console’s body elements are white panels that seem to wrap the main body of the device. At first glance, it seems that these “petals” are being removed. And if you believe the photos that have recently appeared on the Web, such an opportunity is really provided.

New pictures have surfaced on the ResetEra resource . A user under the pseudonym Lant_War discovered them on the Chinese forum A9vg. The images show white panels, one of which bears the PlayStation 5 logo. However, the aforementioned parts of the case are shown only from the inside, where numerous mounts are asymmetrically located. The latter look rather strange, since it is not clear why they should be placed in such a chaotic order.

A variety of documents lie next to the panels. What exactly is written on them is unknown, since the Chinese author painted these parts of the photographs in black.

PlayStation 5 side panels removable
PlayStation 5 side panels

If the information about the partially removable case of the PlayStation 5 is confirmed, then the console can be actively customized. Nothing stops Sony from selling styled side panels separately. Official information regarding the removable elements of the PS5 case has not yet been received. However, the Japanese company, even after the design demonstration, promised to offer various design options for the future console.

The PlayStation 5 will launch during the fall 2020 holiday season. According to the latest information, the box will hit store shelves on November 14 in Japan and on November 20 in the rest of the world.


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