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PS5 has hidden web browser

PS5 even has browser on your system but it's not that accessible as it and can still be removed by Sony update

In recent days, it was reported that the PS5 had no browser for Internet, unlike the PS4 and PS3, but that it could win later via update. It was also mentioned that he had only a simple app for account login and Wi-Fi access and ars technica has already figured out a way to access it for other purposes.

According to AT tests, the PS5’s “Mini-browser” is functional and has typically behaved on most websites, including social networks such as Twitter and streaming sites like YouTube and Spotify – even though it hasn’t run YouTube videos in full screen.

To access is quite simple: just open the system settings and then the User Guide. The guide opens on a web page, which allows you to connect the PS5 to other services, such as Twitter, and that’s where the magic happens.

Depending on the area where the user clicks, the page opens in error and redirects you to the traditional Twitter site, which in turn allows you to click on other tweet links and browse through them.

You can’t enter a web address in the address bar, but navigation works even with a USB keyboard connected to your PS5, for searches, or to create posts on Twitter itself.

Possible error

As this is a possible access error, Sony can fix at any time with an update, so don’t get too excited about being able to access the console’s Internet browser for too long.

Curiously, the form of access is the same as that in Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console also has no browser by default, but opens one when we tried to log in to Facebook and found an error. To date the flaw has not been corrected by Nintendo.

Source: Ars Technica.

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