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How to recover deleted Telegram messages

There is no official way to recover messages permanently deleted from Telegram, but there is a solution.

Telegram gained an “undo” feature, one that allows you to undo something regarding the history of deleted messages. That is, it is possible to recover. The messenger has made a change, and now when you delete a chat or clear your history, you’ll receive a confirmation request and an option to restore everything.

This only works if you deleted an entire message or chat “unintentionally”. Telegram will allow you to undo the action and retrieve the history within 5 seconds. When the time is up, the chat is irretrievably lost and there is no way.

How to recover deleted telegram messages

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram has no backup on Android. You export data if you use the desktop version and mount a manual and periodic backup. If this is your case, check that everything is not there. Telegram messages are stored in the cloud. When you delete a message from the app, it also removes conversations from the cloud.

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Well, if there is no official way to recover messages permanently deleted, always another solution. See how to recover deleted messages from Telegram. It is possible that it is easier to find the media than the texts.

How to recover deleted Telegram messages

1. Telegram folders

All may not be lost, if you use a File Manager application it is easier to search. Search for Telegram Audio, Telegram Documents, Telegram Images or Telegram Video folders. When you receive media from someone, depending on your app configuration, it is saved and can be on the memory card or in the internal memory. They will not be deleted immediately, even if you delete the conversation.

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2. Android cache folder

Another way is to find the Android cache folder where all deleted messages, photos, gifs, videos, audios and other conversation files were stored. To do this, go to the “Android” folder. There look for “data” (or date) and you will see data for a number of applications. Look for the “org.telegram” folder and its “cache”. When opening, you should find files recently deleted from conversations.

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3. Deleted / Corrupted File Retriever

If you recently cleaned your phone, you may have zeroed those folders. A data recovery application for Android or Windows / macOS can help. They usually have a free version, but limited to a small number of files. You can test and, if you find something, buy the license and recover as much as possible.

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