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How to recover deleted Tinder account?

Understand how to recover a deleted Tinder account and whether it is possible to return to the platform after being banned for misuse

Any user can remove their Tinder account, but there is always a question about how to recover a deleted Tinder account if they beat the regret. But, once deleted, the account remains permanently deleted. Understand how it works.

How to recover a deleted Tinder account

The short answer is that it is not possible to recover deleted account on Tinder. If a user decides to delete the account, instead of pausing or simply deleting the application, it will be necessary to create everything again, when they return to the platform.

Even if the user tries to log in to Tinder using the same email, social networks or phone that they used before deleting the account, it will be necessary to create a new one, from scratch.

It is still possible to use the same photos, text, name and details as before, but you will need to fill everything out again, manually, or by connecting with existing social networks.

Remember that deleting the application does not delete the account, nor does it hide your profile. Better understand how to delete or pause the Tinder account, in this link: How to disable or delete a Tinder account (definitely)

Banned accounts

There are cases where the Tinder account can be banned, if it has been reported or has done any activity that is against the terms of use of the application.

How to recover deleted Tinder account?

In this case, if the account has been banned, it will not be possible to re-enter the platform using the same Facebook account , phone number or email.

Tinder also informs that the ban does not offer an option to appeal, that is, contest the decision. Once banned, the account remains suspended.

In addition to facing the ban, the user who goes through it may have to cancel any paid subscription plan they have on Tinder, as the suspension does not automatically cancel. 

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