Recuva to recover deleted files on your phone

The Recuva is a software developed by Piriform, the creators of CCleaner, and is a very useful tool to recover deleted files by accident on Windows. However, it can be very useful for retrieving lost data also on memory cards, when these are in use on smartphones and tablets.

In this post, you will learn how to use Recuva to recover deleted files on a mobile device, but only if they were stored on cards; the software is not able to scan the phone’s internal storage.

Using Recuva to recover files on your phone

First of all, remove the microSD memory card from your smartphone. As stated before, Recuva recognizes internal and external drives, such as HDDs and SSDs, pendrives and card readers, but not internal cell phone storage units. The only exception are Apple’s iPod devices .

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That done, it’s time to use Recuva to recover your files.

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  • Connect the card reader, with the memory card to your Windows computer;
  • Download and install Recuva, and run it;
  • The software will offer to run the wizard, just click Next;
  • In the first window, it will ask you what kind of files you want to recover. Select All Files and click Next;
  • On the next screen, select In a specific location, click Browse and select the drive corresponding to your memory card. Click Next;
  • On the last screen, click Start.
recuva to recover deleted files

Recuva will scan your entire memory card for deleted files. When the process is finished, it will display a screen with everyone you could identify. Just mark the desired ones, click on Recover and indicate another disk drive to save everything. For practical reasons, it is not advisable to save them again on the card.

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And there, you (probably) will get your files back.

Do not forget

No data recovery tool, however powerful, is capable of recovering all deleted data every time. Sometimes you need to root Android or use professional tools, which are often very expensive.

Recuva is good, but even it does not guarantee that you will recover all the files that have been lost, with 100% efficiency. Therefore, the tip remains: always make backups of your data, and store them on external drives or in the cloud, to avoid losing important photos, videos and files.


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