Redmi officially released its first Wi-Fi6 router-Redmi router AX5, supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology standard, and has Mesh networking capabilities.

We’ve taken a look now at the Redmi router AX5, and has photographed exquisite pictures for everyone. Let’s take a look.

Redmi WiFi 6 router AX5

Redmi router AX5 uses four Qorvo high-performance independent signal amplifiers. Compared with the integrated amplifier, the signal strength of the independent amplifier is increased by 4dB, and the theoretical coverage is increased by 50%.

The Redmi router AX5 is equipped with a 4-core 64-bit A53 1.2GHz CPU + single-core 1.5 GHz NPU. The enterprise-grade 5-core chip Qualcomm IPQ6000 is used on home routers to ensure network stability at all times.

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The Redmi router AX5 is equipped with 256MB of large memory, supports simultaneous access to 128 devices, and also supports OFDMA, MU-MIMO and other technologies and multiple Mesh networking (upgraded to support before July 15).

The Redmi router AX5 will start pre-sale at 10:00 on June 10th, the official retail price is $35, and the final price for the pre-sale of the deposit is $32.


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