The Independent reported that a sailor accidentally dropped his iPhone X into the sea and found the phone six days later, but it still works normally.

According to reports, Ben Schofield (Ben Schofield) working as a deckman on a ship named Regal Lady accidentally dropped his iPhone X into the sea. At that time, the mobile phone sank about 15 meters deep under the sea. A friend of Schofield tried to find the mobile phone by diving into the sea bottom.

Schofield had to wait for the sea to ebb. When the sea receded almost a week later, Schofield found his mobile phone in the mud and sand, and the mobile phone still had 3% power. Schofield said that he cleaned the phone, removed the sand and gravel from the charging port, and then dried the phone.

The phone still worked normally when opened. Even Apple was shocked. According to their guess, it is likely that the sand on the sea floor blocked the charging port of the phone, thereby protecting the phone from sea water damage.

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The IP67 waterproof rating of iPhone X can only protect the phone for 30 minutes under one meter of water.


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