AMD’s first custom Radeon GPU will provide support for future Samsung flagship mobile phone products and will easily beat the current industry-leading mobile GPU.

As early as 2019, Samsung announced a multi-year strategic partnership with AMD to support custom graphics IP based on AMD’s highly scalable RDNA graphics architecture.

Samsung has announced that it will use this IP in smartphones and other products.

Reports states that AMD is optimizing the custom GPU, which may be integrated into Samsung’s pioneering 5nm chip .

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Recently, the upcoming Samsung GPU benchmark based on AMD technology was leaked on GFXBench. The leaked benchmark test indicates that the upcoming GPU may eventually exceed the GPU performance of the A-series chips in the iPhone.

  • 181.8 frames in Manhattan 3.1 test (13% higher than Snapdragon 865 Adreno 650 GPU)
  • 138.25 frames in the Aztec Normal test (53 frames for the Snapdragon 865 Adreno 650 GPU)
  • 58 frames in the Aztec High test (20 frames for the Snapdragon 865 Adreno 650 GPU)
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Reports also states that the first AMD Radeon GPU for Samsung Galaxy smartphones may appear on the Exynos 1000 chip, and at the same time, Samsung is said to be “humiliated” by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and is still developing 7nm products. This SoC may be called Exynos 992 and will be used on Galaxy Note 20 series phones.


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