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How to Save WhatsApp Status Using Xender for iPhone and Android Users

Never beg anyone to share their WhatsApp status video or photo with you again.

Many WhatsApp users now upload funny videos, memes, and photos on their status to entertain or express their feeling on WhatsApp Status.

These videos and memes are viewed by your contacts. Some go as far as asking you to share the video with them and sharing a video could be data consuming and all.

Whatsapp previously added the option to save WhatsApp status but in the latter update the option was removed.

However, there are other methods to save a WhatsApp Status e.g through the file manager and third party application.

In this article, I’ll teach how to use Xender to save a WhatsApp Status on iOS and Android.

I want to believe that most of you reading this post right now definitely know about Xender, but if you don’t, it’s all good.

Xender is a share tool that can be used to share music, videos, movies, files and the likes across Android phones and iPhones.

Now you know Xender!!

So how do you use Xender to save WhatsApp status?

How to Save WhatsApp Status Using Xender

  • Firstly, Download Xender from PlayStore or App Store
  • Open the application
  • Navigate to Social at the bottom of the Xender home screen
  • Then Click connect
  • Go back to Xender, all the status that has been uploaded will be shown there
  • Simply click on the download icon and Whatsapp video or photo will be saved to your storage.
Click download icon to save WhatsApp Status on Xender

That’s all on how to save a WhatsApp Status using Xender on iPhone and Android.

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