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For those who are still adept at Snapchat, the social network application has fun games inside the messenger. They are called “Snap Games” – mobile games made for friends – although it is entirely possible to play alone in the app.

To play, you need to start Snap Games right from a Chat screen, allowing you and your friends to play together without having to install anything else on your phone.

Some games will allow you to play alone and compare your score with your contacts. Others will let you see which friends are playing, send chats or even chat over audio. Snap Games are initially coming up with six titles.

Snap Games

  • Bitmoji Party: Play as yourself in a series of fast and crazy mini games.
  • Tiny Royale (Zynga): You and your friends compete for a mini version of the Battle Royale action.
  • Snake Squad (Game Closure): You and your gang collaborate to be the last survivors.
  • CATS Drift Race (ZeptoLab): You skid down the track and overtake your friends to win.
  • Zombie Rescue Squad (PikPok): Your gang rescues survivors in a zombie-infested city.
  • Alphabear Hustle (Spry Fox):
    You come together to form words (and fast!) And build a village.

So, if you have Snapchat installed, you already have at least six games on your phone.

How to play on Snapchat

  1. Open Snapchat;
  2. Swipe right to the “Friends” screen;
  3. Touch a Chat (private or group).
  4. Touch the rocket icon 🚀 to open the game drawer;
  5. Choose the game and your friends will be invited to play;
  6. You can chat while playing, normally.
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What else can you do?

Invite friends to play on Snapchat

When you start a game, all participants in the same Chat receive a notification to participate. They will see a message, they can touch the game icon and leave playing. If someone was left out, call friends to join the same game.

  1. When you are in the game, tap Call friends icon;
  2. It is at the bottom of the screen (users icon);
  3. Touch each friend you want to invite and then “Call”.

Games messaging and audio

You can chat with whoever is playing while you are playing. Touch the Chat bar at the bottom to open the keyboard and send text messages. Tap the microphone once to open the audio. Tap again to close.

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To send just one audio message, press and hold while speaking and release when done. As if it were a recording. Note that in-game chat is only available to you and other guests who are playing.

How to leave a game on Snapchat

To exit a game, tap on the ❌ at the bottom of the screen and tap on “Exit”. Note that items you have won in the game are usually saved, such as unlocked weapons, costumes, coins, etc. But exact progress will not always be saved.

The games are not available on some devices, Snapchat does not say which ones. If a message appears about your device not being supported, try using another one.


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