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Sony Exclusive Game Developer: The tactile feedback of the PS5 controller is too important

News from Sony’s PS4 exclusive game “Soul of Tsushima” developer Sucker Punch recently expressed his interest in a design on the PS5 controller in an interview. Its founder Brian Fleming called it tactile The feedback function is the most important function on next-generation consoles.

It is reported that when Brian Fleming talked about PS5, he said that he thinks the most important thing in the new console is the tactile feedback function of the DualSense handle. Although Brian Fleming did not give specific details, he said that he thinks this feature is extremely important because tactile feedback can connect the player’s physical play style with the actions depicted on the screen. At the same time, he thinks this feature is a particularly interesting area for Sucker Punch studio.

It can be seen that when the PS5 version of “Soul of Tsushima” or subsequent game works of the studio come out, its developer will show players how to use this feature in the game. Since the advent of PS5, more than one game manufacturer has expressed praise or keen interest in the tactile feedback function of the DualSense controller.

“Soul of Tsushima” was released on the PS4 platform last week, and it has sold more than 2 million in three days. The game is currently a PS4 exclusive game.

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