Sony recently announced the appearance and some information of the PS5 DualSense, Famitong official website recently reported on the origin of the Sony PlayStation5 new controller “DualSense” naming.

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment SIE, the “DualSense” handle has new functions such as tactile feedback and adaptive trigger keys, enabling a different experience from traditional handles, and the name reflects this function and evolution.

“Sense” comes from the tactile feedback of the new handle and the tactile sensation brought by the adaptive trigger key.

Tactile feedback is responsible for the expressive physical response of actions in the game, while adaptive triggering is responsible for the force and tension in game interaction.

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“Dual” reflects the symmetrical design of the handle (mainly reflected in the grip part, rocker and trigger key).

Sony claims that the DualSense wireless controller hopes to give users the feeling that when you take the controller out of the box, it is transferred to the game world.

The controller seems to be a part of your body, so that you will forget that you are still holding them.


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