Sony has just announced a brand new PlayStation Studios brand, which will be used for games sold exclusively by its first party, and will also let the outside world know whether the game comes from Sony’s internal development team.

new playstation studios brand

Sony’s various game studios are organized under the “Sony Interactive Entertainment Global Studio” and also have their own logo. The new brand just announced is simpler and more focused on the announcement of PlayStation.

In the video released by Sony, we can see the exposure of the new brand Logo . In the early part of the video, there are many characters of Sony ’s first-party games. They come from “Uncharted Sea”, “Little Big Planet”, “” “God of War”, “Ricky and Doraemon”, “Horizon: Dawn”, “Last Survivor” and other well-known game masterpieces.

The new PlayStation Studios brand logo may be launched with the launch of PlayStation 5.

Sony PlayStation studios new first-party games

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Microsoft Xbox also has its own logo, which is used to distinguish first-party games and third-party games.

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