Sony Wearable Cooling device

Sony will officially launch a wearable cooling device – Reon Pocket in Japan starting tomorrow. The retail price of the device is 13,000 yen, which is equivalent to about 854 yuan (Roughly $121).

Reon Pocket can be controlled by the mobile phone App, and the Peltier effect is added with Sony’s thermal design technology, which can reduce the body’s somatosensory temperature by 13℃ or rise by 8.3℃. It can be used in autumn and winter and can work continuously for 90 minutes. It is worth mentioning that REON POCKET needs to connect the main body to the back pocket of special underwear. The price of special underwear is about 118 yuan ($17).

Mobile App, can control temperature and status

Sony Reon Pocket had a crowdfunding in August last year, and the feedback was good. Sony raised 66 million yen in a week, so Sony decided to mass-produce it.

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In addition to Sony Reon Pocket, Fujitsu General also introduced a cooling device around the neck- Comodo gear, which uses Peltier elements to cool the arteries of the neck, It can be used for three hours on a single charge, and will be available in June, but it only provides a rental method and is expensive.

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