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Jon Prosser says Apple is developing “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” AR glasses, Gurman calls rumor ‘Complete Fiction’

According to macrumors, online news reporter Jon Prosser said that Apple is developing a limited edition of its AR augmented reality smart glasses, which are designed to look like the late founder Steve Jobs round, frameless glasses he was famous for wearing.

Jon Prosser who is the head of YouTube page Front Page Tech and has been sharing Apple’s new product rumors in recent weeks. He mentioned these things in the latest podcast of Cult of Mac.

Jon Prosser says that the “Apple Glass” smart glasses that Apple is developing have a “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition”, which is positioned similar to the gold version of the original Apple Watch (that is, the promotional significance is greater than the actual use value).

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According to him, Apple’s first smart glasses will come in a variety of styles, among which “Heritage Edition” is positioned as a special limited-time edition. But he said he did not know which material will be used in this limited edition, nor what level of pricing can be achieved.

Prosser also said that he has seen the regular version of the smart glasses (unlimited model) and said it is similar to a pair of classic Ray-Ban glasses or glasses worn by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook AR glasses

He described Apple products as using a special display technology. They “look like real glasses” and there are no cameras or anything else. At the time of release, Apple glasses will be similar to the original Apple Watch. The product will be relatively simple at the beginning, but will develop over time.

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Earlier this week, Prosser claimed that Apple ’s smart glasses will be called “Apple Glass” , although Google had used the name “Glass” a few years ago. According to reports, these glasses start at $ 499. If prescription lenses (myopic lenses with power) are required, they will be provided at an additional cost.

Prosser said that Apple is planning to launch the glasses at the iPhone conference in the fall, which is a “surprise”, but due to the global impact of the epidemic, the release may be delayed until March 2021 .

It is worth noting that Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, refers to all of Prosser’s news about Apple smart glasses as a “fiction.” Apple AR glasses and other news is completely fictional.

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Gurman is a senior reporter for Bloomberg News and has published some news about Apple’s unreleased new products, but this time, it seems that the news about Apple glasses is not completely consistent.

Full details from Prosser are available in the Cultcast podcast, with the relevant information starting at about 57 minutes into the show.

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