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The Last of Us: Part II is already in pre-order with new release date

The release of The Last of Us: Part II hasn’t exactly been easy. After two postponements, it seems that this time it is for real. The game is now scheduled for release on June 19, and can already be booked.

The title of producer Naughty Dog is one of the most anticipated in recent times in the Sony console universe, and has thus returned to the PlayStation Store for pre-order. The price starts at € 69.99.

For this amount, players will have the opportunity to play the title as soon as it is released, but they will also be entitled to some bonuses, available during this pre-sale:

Booking bonus:

  • PSN avatar for PS4 of Ellie’s tattoo.
  • Improved the ammunition capacity of Ellie’s pistol.
  • Improvisation manual with methods and improvements.

In addition to the PlayStation Store, the game can also be booked in the usual physical stores. The Deluxe edition costs 79.99 €, and entitles you to some extras for collectors.

The Deluxe Digital Edition includes:

  • Digital soundtrack.
  • Dark Horse mini-book in digital format.
  • Six PSN avatars for PS4.
  • Dynamic theme for PS4.

The story of the new title focuses again on Joel and Ellie, and it takes place five years after the events of the first part. Unfortunately, details about the end of the game will have already been released online in several leaks that we chose not to share.

The Last of Us: Part II on PlayStation Store

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