XDA previously reported that the rumored LG Velvet new series of smartphones will be released on May 15, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, supporting 5G and Dual Screen accessories. Today LG Electronics released a new video revealing the design of LG Velvet.

Relative to the configuration specifications, LG Velvet (velvet) is more concerned with design innovations. This new device design is completely different from LG’s previous smartphones. It has a “raindrop” camera design and a “3D curved design” curved glass. The new video also confirms that LG Velvet will be a mid-range phone equipped with a Snapdragon 765 5G mobile processor and a water drop screen design.

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As today’s smartphones are becoming more and more similar, it is difficult to distinguish based on technical specifications alone. LG Electronics has responded to this challenge by launching a new product roadmap, emphasizing unique design and elegant “touch” to expect to stand out. The upcoming LG VELVET is the first device to demonstrate this new concept, which is both pleasing and easy to touch.

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In addition, LG confirmed previous reports, saying that its future devices will no longer use alphanumeric names. It is named according to their special function or design . In this case, the LG Velvet name is based on the new device’s “glossy smoothness and high-quality softness”.

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