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The second generation of Apple iPhone SE is launched, all 3D Touch models are officially discontinued

Last night, Apple finally officially released the “small steel gun” iPhone SE phone that has been in violation for a long time. Although the mold is still familiar and classic, the full upgrade of the configuration is supplemented by a starting price of 3299 yuan, which makes it the most cost-effective and the most worthwhile iPhone product for the “small screen party” and “nail households”. . After the aircraft was launched, the iPhone 8 series with a starting price of 3499 yuan was replaced.

It is understood that the new iPhone SE does not have a built-in 3D Touch function, which means that models equipped with 3D Touch are officially off the shelf, and all iPhone series products on Apple’s official website are replaced with Haptic Touch.

What is 3D Touch?

3D Touch (three-dimensional touch technology) is a function introduced by Apple at the iPhone 6s series new product launch event in September 2015.

The principle is to put a deformation sensing layer under the screen of the mobile phone, so that the screen can perceive the strength of the user to tap the screen and area, and cooperate with Taptic Engine to generate different vibration feedback, so the screen with 3D Touch function has three-dimensional touch perception of tap, peek and pop, so this touch technology is Apple named it 3D Touch. At the press conference that year, 3D Touch was hailed by Apple as an interactive revolution that changed the world.

3D Touch

Why did 3D Touch fade out of the stage?

There are many reasons, but the most important point is that it is not understood by the public.

A well-known interaction logic must have the advantages of intuitiveness and no burden. After the launch of the highly anticipated 3D Touch by Apple, the official did not emphasize its existence with such high expectations, and did not tell users how to use it, which led to many Apple users not knowing the existence of 3D Touch. Since the user’s perception is not strong, then developers will inevitably be uncomfortable with the adaptation of 3D Touch.

This has caused two extremes: a small number of users who are familiar with the use of shouting “True Fragrance” can also see that the iPhone 8 Plus is still the main game model of many game anchors, and the 3D Touch function is very useful in some games. For most users, 3D Touch is non-sensing. It is not like a mouse and a touch screen, but it has become a “Pro” function well known to advanced users.

For ordinary users, it can have, but it does not hinder the use of mobile phones, a few more screen can solve many problems. And after the iPhone entered the era of full-screen and the introduction of full-screen gestures, the presence of 3D Touch used by clicks was even lower.

The 3D Touch module at the bottom of the screen has become an inevitable burden under the trend of increasing mobile phone battery capacity. Compared to this “wrong direction” feature, the lack of power is undoubtedly more intuitive for users.

Apple officially abandoned the 3D Touch function in the iPhone XR in 2018. The most obvious thing is that this model has better battery life than the iPhone Xs series equipped with 3D Touch. The iPhone 11 released last year increased the battery life by another hour based on the iPhone XR.

For the first time in four years, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the flagship product of 3D Touch, was abandoned and became the longest mobile phone in Apple history. The battery capacity also created a new high.

Can Haptic Touch replace 3D Touch?

Apple first added Haptic Touch in the iPhone XR to replace the 3D Touch function. They clearly felt that the user’s discussion of battery life of this product was far more than the canceled 3D Touch function.

The iPhone XR also became Apple’s best-selling model in the world in 2019, reaching 46.3 million units.

Apple, which has tasted the sweetness, fully added the Haptic Touch function in the 2019 iPhone 11 series, and now it is the turn of the new iPhone SE phone.

Haptic Touch is a kind of interactive logic that has most of the same functions as 3D Touch, but it does not have pressure sensing, so it cannot have different functions under different pressure like 3D Touch.

The essence of Haptic Touch is to press and hold a specific area of ​​the screen. After the finger feels a slight vibration of the Taptic Engine, it can call up the secondary menu. But except for the most intuitive pressure difference, the two functions are basically the same.

As for the new iPhone SE, the goal is to hold iPhone 6 series and iPhone 6s series users, and the latter is the first model equipped with 3D Touch.

For iPhone 6s users, using Haptic Touch will be a little uncomfortable, because Haptic Touch has a long press time. But overall, the interaction logic of the two is basically the same, and they can be used after adaptation.


Unexpectedly, in less than two years, all models on the iPhone’s official website changed from full support of 3D Touch to no support of 3D Touch function. This proud creation of Apple officially ended on the official website last night.

I once thought that 3D Touch would be a huge creation that changed the interaction logic of mobile phones again, but after its launch, Apple did not add more options for its interaction, which made many users feel very sorry.

The Haptic Touch function as a substitute is also in a lukewarm state, maybe in a future large version of iOS Apple will completely cancel this interaction.

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