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Top 5 Best Offline Android Games under 100MB

Are you tired and bored? Have you overplayed your favorite games and get tired of them? Oh well, yes would definitely be the answer to those questions asked.

Many people are now self-isolating in their various homes so as to curb the spread of CoronaVirus and this has caused the number of searches that are made on Google and other search engines everyday to significantly increase, and one of the keyword people are using to search is best offline Android games.

We have put down a list of good for you, amazing, super addictive Android games that you can play even without internet or a Wi-Fi connection. So if you are at home and you want to try out new games, you can check out the ones listed below.

Here are five best super addictive offline games under 100MB

  • Takashi Ninja warrior
  • Rope Frog Jump Ninja Hero
  • Endless Nightmare
  • Assassin Combat
  • Endless Combat

Takashi Ninja Warrior

Takashi Ninja warrior

First off we have Takashi Ninja Warrior.

The game is about the story of a Japanese Ninja Warrior who has lost his family and now he wants to take revenge by destroying all the enemies.

This game has everything right from amazing graphics, innovative gameplay and intense boss battles as well. All you have to do is you need to stay focused on my people perspective at the time.

You can use your squad to defeat all the enemies that you can see. All in all, if you are a fan of action RPG game, then make sure you check this game out.

It has some stunning graphics and the best part is it is 100MB in size.

Download Takashi Ninja Warrior

Rope Frog Jump Ninja Hero

Rope Frog jump Ninja hero

Rope Frog jump Ninja hero is an open world game in which you play as a superhero who has got all the powers like you can shoot dangerous lasers from your eyes to kill people. You can shoot a rope to climb all the buildings. Also, you can steal cars, race through the streets and kill all the gangsters.

Basically, it’s an open world game which has a similar gameplay like Amazing Spider-Man and you need to complete all the missions you will get.

So if you like playing open world games, then make sure you check it out.

Download Rope FrogJump Ninja hero

Endless Nightmare

Endless Nightmare

The third game is Endless Nightmare. It’s a 3D horror game about a police officer whose wife and daughter were brutally murdered at home.

All you have to do is you need to find the murderer by exploiting each and every room in your house. The horror elements in this game are amazing.

It is really scary and the horror gameplay is quite good as well. I highly recommend you to play this game using your headphones. Trust me guys, you will get the best experience.

★ Investigate: You are James in game, you need to explore each area, keep your eyes open, search for clues, collect useful items, and find out who is the murderer.
★ Listen: Don’t just rely on your eyes! Listen carefully to the sounds around you. The horrible woman will make noises when approaching.
★ Escape: Even if you are discovered by the horrible woman, don’t be afraid, you still have a chance to outlast. Run! Run! Run!
★ Hide: If you can’t get rid of her, enter a room to find a hiding place, she can’t find you if you hide in the closet or under the table.
★ Think: You can attract her by breaking vases or cups, then take the chance to explore other areas and darkrooms.
★ Attack: Don’t want to hide in home anymore? Collect parts of the gun to assemble and eliminate her!
★ Cure: Don’t worry about being stabbed by horrible woman, find medicine bottles in home to cure, you will survive!
★ Leave: Find out the murderer and survive to escape from the horror house with jumpscare.

Download Endless Nightmare from PlayStore

Assassin Combat

Assassin Combat

Well, I guess most of you must have already played this game, but in case if you haven’t, then it is probably one of the best offline game that you can get on PlayStore.

In this game, you will get a puzzle type map that you need to control your assassin and hunt down all the targets one by one.

You can use your surroundings and shadows to stay hidden from the flashlights and once you get any opportunity, you can gun down your targets from the back.

As the game progress, it will become more difficult and the gameplay of this game is very addictive as well. All in all, it’s a super addictive game which you can play to pass your time. Make sure you check it out.

Download Assassin Combat

Endless Combat

Endless Combat

Finally, the last game on our list is Endless Combat.

In this game, you play as a street fighter who needs to fight and survive.

Well, it is one of the most fun RPG game which is very easy to play and the auto graphics is quite good as well.

All you need to do is you need to hit right or left to beat all the stick men that are running at you. As the game progresses, it will get quite difficult to fight all the stickmen that are coming to kill you.

So if you’re looking for a fun RPG game, then this one is perfect for you.

Make sure to check it out.

Download Endless Combat

So that’s pretty much it, guys.

These are the five amazing super addictive offline Android games that you must play on your Android device. You can also check out the best free offline games.

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