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Apple and Google had been sued by Ubisoft for selling mobile games “Area F2” on their platforms. Both were accused of copying Ubisoft’s classic game “Rainbow Six: Siege” for this game.

According to reports, this mobile game has been permanently removed from the market, and all users who consume through micro transactions will get a refund. According to the official suspension notice, “Area F2” was officially delisted on May 20, but the notice did not mention Ubisoft and litigation. All users who made micro-transaction shopping during the game test can get a refund through the App Store, Google Play or a third-party retailer.

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After the game was removed, Ubisoft has now dropped the complaint. Ubisoft previously claimed in the lawsuit that this “Area F2” developed by Alibaba-owned game company Ejoy almost copied the game interface of “Rainbow Six: Siege”, including the final score settlement interface and the agent selection interface. Rainbow Six: Siege has 55 million registered players worldwide, and 3 million online players play every day.

“Rainbow Six: Siege” is also an “e-sports game”, which holds various competitions every year to attract professional and semi-professional teams to compete for millions of game prizes.

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