Ubisoft Entertainment, a well-known French game developer, sued Apple and Google on Friday, accusing them of selling plagiarism from Ubisoft’s popular game “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege”.

Ubisoft said in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed in the Federal Court of Los Angeles on Friday that “Area F2” developed by Alibaba Group’s gaming company Ejoy “almost copied” “Rainbow Six: Siege” and “cannot stand scrutiny. “

Ubisoft said in the lawsuit that “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege” has 55 million registered players worldwide, and more than 3 million people play the game every day. Rainbow Six: Siege is also an esports game for professional and semi-professional teams to compete for millions of dollars in prize money.

“Rainbow Six: Siege” is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer competitive games and one of Ubisoft’s most valuable intellectual property rights,” Ubisoft said. Area F2 “has been copied in almost every aspect of “Rainbow Six: Siege”, from the player’s selection interface to the final score interface and everything in between.”

Alibaba acquired Ejoy in 2017 to strengthen its online games and mobile games business. At the end of last year, Ejoy began to promote the “Area F2” game in the United States through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. The lawsuit shows that “Area F2” was opened to the public through mobile phones and tablets last month.

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Ubisoft said that the company has notified Apple and Google of “Area F2” infringing its copyright, but the two companies refused to remove the game from the App Store and Google Play.

Google, Ali and Apple are yet to comment.


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