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How to download movies and series to watch offline on Disney Plus

Want to watch streaming content outside the home, but without spending data or relying on Wi-Fi? Just download them and watch offline

If you’re travelling or simply want to watch Disney Plus content outside of the home, you can download videos to watch offline. You don’t need internet to see what’s been downloaded, and that makes it the ideal tool for those who don’t want to spend mobile data or rely on Wi-Fi. Learn how to download Disney Plus movies and series to watch offline on your phone or tablet.

How to download movies on Disney Plus to watch offline

Disney Plus content can be downloaded on Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad), as well as the Amazon Fire tablet. However, you cannot download from your computer.

The option is also available on other video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Follow the steps below to download Disney Plus videos offline:

  1. Open the Disney Plus app on your mobile device(iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire);
  2. Enter the desired Disney Plus profile;
  3. Search for the movie or series on the home screen or use the search (second icon in the bottom menu) to find a specific title;
  4. Tap the title you want to download to watch offline;
  5. On the screen with the movie or series information, click the download button – it is the second after “Watch”, as you can see in the image below;
  6. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, the download will begin. The icon arrow will be swapped for a square with progress – if you want to pause, tap it.
  7. At the end of the download, the content will be stored on your device. To watch it, click the icon with the arrow in the bottom menu of the app. There you will see all the content downloaded by the app.
How to download movie on Disney+

How to Download an episode or series season to watch offline on Disney Plus

  1. Open the Disney Plus app from your mobile device and sign in to your profile;
  2. Browse the main screen to find the series or search straight for the search;
  3. Select the series you want to download;
  4. You can download an entire season at once or, if you prefer, single episodes. To download it all, tap the arrow icon next to “Season.” To download only specific episodes, tap the icon next to them.
How to Download an episode or series season to watch offline on Disney+

You can download more than one media at a time, as long as your phone or tablet has enough storage for it.

Downloaded movies and series are gathered in the download icon in the bottom menu of the app. There, you’ll see all available media offline on your profile. Just click on one of them to start watching.

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