WeChat recently released iOS version 7.0.12 update, officially supports dark mode.

The update description reads: You can follow the system settings to switch to dark mode.

In early March, WeChat stated that in order to optimize the user experience, WeChat and Apple reached a cooperation to jointly explore WeChat’s dark mode experience on the iOS system.

At present, the feature has been developed and it is expected to be launched in the next new version.

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We noted that after the user updates the latest version of WeChat and opens the iPhone “Settings”, adjust the “Display and Brightness” to “Dark”, then WeChat can automatically adapt to the “Late Night Mode”; Automatic adaptation.

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After turning on the “dark mode”, the WeChat home page, chat page, discovery page, public account article page, video account page, search page, WeChat payment page, etc. will automatically turn to dark.

The new version of WeChat also optimizes the sending experience of voice messages, making scrolling text easier.

In addition, WeChat revealed that the current Android version has also been tested in grayscale and is about to go online.

Source: Tech Sina


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