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What are Fastest Growing Cryptocurrencies in 2021?

Considering digital money as a good investment, it is important to know not only the cryptocurrency exchange rate, but also the possible prospects for its change. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, so investing in virtual money remains high-risk but potentially profitable.

The best cryptocurrencies to look out for

  • Bitcoin. Many analysts believe that the most famous cryptocurrency has a lot of growth potential. Many companies are ready to accept bitcoin as a full-fledged means of payment, and this stimulates interest in it.
  • Litecoin ranks second on the list due to its market capital and liquidity cost. The total LTC supply is capped at 84 million coins and the block reward is higher than many other cryptocurrencies. This altcoin is very attractive to miners and its growing popularity is stimulating investor interest.
  • Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency to introduce smart contracts that allow developers to build decentralized applications for desktop and mobile devices based on blockchain technology. From that moment on, Ethereum has retained its top positions in the cryptocurrency ratings.
  • Cardano is an affordable cryptocurrency that has become a strong market player in its six years of existence. This became possible thanks to the original solution of the Ouroboros blockchain. The management of regular transactions and smart contracts is split between the two blockchains and both types of transactions will not slow down the system.
  • Binance Coin was created to make payments within the Binance system. The value of the utility token grows as the parent company grows. Since Finance Exchange is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, the value of the token increases with every transaction in the system.

How to invest in cryptocurrency

The key condition for inverting is competent risk diversification. That is, it is better to invest in several different assets. Having decided on the most attractive options and acceptable investment volumes, you will need to convert your existing cryptocurrency into other coins. The easiest and most convenient way to do this is on the Let’s Change platform. Conversion is performed in a few clicks and this is not an exaggeration:

  • Select the type of exchange;
  • In the upper window, select the name of the coin and indicate the amount to be sold;
  • In the lower window, indicate the name of the coin to buy;
  • Indicate the address of the wallet for crediting the proceeds;
  • Replenish the deposit;
  • Press the “exchange” button.

Further, a specially developed program will view current offers on traditional exchanges, select a deal on the best conditions, execute the transaction and transfer the money to the wallet. Actually, that’s all. The platform supports about 300 coins, that is, here you can swap TRX to BTC, BTC to XRP and in any other direction.

This does not require registration and the number of transactions on the platform is not limited.


If you are determined to purchase cryptocurrency, you know how to do it. Remember: to avoid financial collapse, invest only your own funds in high-risk assets, which you are not afraid to lose if the forecast does not come true.

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