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What is fanfic?

What is fanfic and how to write one with quality? The answers to these questions are not exact, but they are very encouraging

It is very common for a particular film, series or game to become so famous as to generate fan creations, whether with arts, videos or even texts, fanfics. But what is fanfic? Is it just a fan-written text? Are there any good examples about it? Check out what I explain right after.

What is Fanfic

“Fanfic” is a term that derives from the English “fan fiction”, or “fan fiction”. There is no exact and documented date on the creation of the term or about the first fanfic, but the act of writing stories by fans became popular in the 60s and 70s.

Serials and science fiction films and derivative genres, such as Star Trek and Star Wars, were the main responsible for the emergence and growth in popular culture and in the format that we know the fanfics today.

Some say they are even older, because of the legendary character Sherlock Holmes, considered the greatest detective of all time. Holmes has always inspired creations by fans, who shared his texts via post office or in magazines.

Of course, modernity has only given more strength to the fanfic, with the possibility of publishing on the Internet and, nowadays, practically anywhere.

Who writes?

Any fan who likes a certain work is able or able to write a fanfic. You don’t have to be a professional writer, have some kind of academic background or anything like that.

Just love for certain series, or movie, game, among others. The fanfic allows you to imagine and create unusual situations between characters of a given story, such as a novel that did not exist or an unexpected death.

There’s no format, no minimum pages, no rules, nothing. The only direction is: be free to create. Write as you like and have fun in the process, preferably.

Where can I find it?

Fanfics are scattered anywhere on the Internet. But today there are sites that specialize in fan text publications – mostly free and some with optional payment plans.

Among them, we have:

But this is a list that goes from personal taste. The publication is very free. If you want, you can write a fanfic and publish online via Google Docs, sharing with friends or everyone else, for example.

It goes according to what the person expects when publishing a text and who he wants it to read.

Famous fanfics

There are many famous fanfics. Some even became “officers.” They became professional books, were adapted for films or series, among others.

As much as the original goal is not this, a fanfic can receive a lot of attention from other fans over the Internet and end up becoming something much bigger than it already is.

Of course this may run into copyright problems, after all fanfics are works based on other works. However, in many cases, they transform, become original works, only with slight inspirations in other better known ones.

Some famous and “evolved” after:

  • Fifty Shades of Grey (E.L. James): the bdsm-like work was created as a fanfic of Twilight, the vampire book series that later became a film.
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Seth Grahame-Smith): created as a parody of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the book gained fame and was adapted into film.
  • After (Anna Todd):work of teen romance created in Wattpad inspired by boy band One Direction, became official book and then hit movie
  • The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare): very famous book series that was inspired by Harry Potter – and which also became a movie!


Some say that Romeo and Juliet , a play writtenby William Shakespeare, was a fanfic, inspired by The Tragic Story of Romeo and Juliet, poem by Arthur Brooke, 1562.

It’s more for adaptation, but the truth is that Shakespeare has changed a lot of history, including his own touch.

Throughout the story, Romeo and Juliet has also inspired several fanfics, as well as adaptations for cinema, theater, music and even board play.

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