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What is the iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield?

Find out what Ceramic Shield is and see how the technology of this feature of the iPhone 12 can make the smartphone more resistant

The launch of the iPhone 12 moved the networks, due to the various features of the device and news presented. Among these new features exhibited by Apple, we have the Ceramic Shield that makes up the glass of the device. Let’s understand what is the Ceramic Shield of the iPhone 12.

What is iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield

What is iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield

One of the biggest concerns in the production of a smartphone is the composition of the screen, after all maintaining a glass screen, which at the same time has durability to not break the first time the cell phone slips out of the user’s hand, has never been an easy task.

Currently Gorila Glass is one of the most used materials in the composition of cell phones and even the iPhone 11 uses the material, however with the launch of the iPhone 12 Apple decided to change things up a bit.

Ceramic Shield is made using a new technology that uses the application of nanoceramic crystals in the glass composition. These crystals are harder than most metals, but they are not transparent. Apple’s differential was to create a formula that managed to combine the resistance of nanoceramic crystals, without losing the transparency of the glass. According to the company, this is the most resistant glass material among smartphones.

The iPhone 12 has a Ceramic Shield application on its front panel, so you can increase your resistance to drops. Many view Ceramic Shield as Apple’s answer to Gorilla Glass Victus, used by Samsung on its Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The comparison between Ceramic Shield and Gorila Glass Victus, even makes sense, as both are produced in partnership with Corning , a company that works with the development of technologies involving glass, since the times of Thomas Edison’s lamp.

According to Apple, Ceramic Shield can make your new device up to four times more resistant to drops than the iPhone11. This new feature, as well as the Chip A14 and 5G are among the novelties of the iPhone 12 that will be present in all versions of the device.

So, did you know Ceramic Shield? Thinking about buying an iPhone 12? Comment there for us.

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