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WhatsApp now plays Netflix trailer on Android without leaving the application

WhatsApp’s internal video player allows you to play YouTube, Facebook or Instagram videos without leaving the application, both in chat and as a floating window. And now Netflix joins the select group of compatible services: any movie or series shared on WhatsApp allows you to view the trailer without leaving the application.

Sharing video links in messaging applications such as WhatsApp not only allows new content to be released, the recipient can also view it without having to leave the applications. WhatsApp is one of the services that has its own video player enabled, although it does not work with all platforms. For example, you can play YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos without leaving WhatsApp. Or from Netflix, even if the series or movie is not seen: the messaging application has just released the viewing of trailers.

The novelty has been discovered by Android Police: WhatsApp has activated the video player for all Netflix shared links. This option takes months in the version of WhatsApp for iOS, but until now it had not been unlocked in Android. And it is really useful if you get used to sharing your favorite series and movies on WhatsApp.

Despite the fact that the player of the messaging application can play the Netflix content, do not think that you will be able to see the entire movie or chapter since only the trailer is displayed. Still, it works great to find out if what they have shared with you is interesting or not: just press play to play the trailer. And not only is it displayed in the chat window, the player remains in a floating window when switching between conversations, and even when WhatsApp is minimized (by clicking on Home). This comes in handy for other tasks while the Netflix trailer plays in the background, both video and audio.

To view Netflix trailers you don’t need a specific version of WhatsApp: the company has activated compatibility from the server side. You can share the movies or videos directly from the Netflix Android app; and easily view them in chat, whether you shared it or shared it with you.

Source:Android Police

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