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Why you must Stop using your phone while charging it

Phone batteries are meant to be recharged after being used for a while or when the battery is low. The phone is not meant to be used when it’s charging because you have to give the battery some time to charge very well.

Using a phone while charging could result to many issues and maybe unresolvable issues. There’s actually no big deal to leave your phone for at most 3-4 hours to be properly charged.
Some person’s might say it’s a bad habit to use a phone while charging, Yeah, I will agree to that. 
Several cases have been recorded about how charging a phone and using it at the same time has lead to severe injury and all.
I read recently on Operanews, how a young man was electrocuted because he put on his headphone while charging his phone at the same time.
If you must use your device, disconnect the charger from the phone’s charging port and do whatever it is you want to use it for then you can go back and charge it again.
Charging and using a phone simultaneously could lead to the following;

Effects of using a phone while charging

  • Overheating: The phone begins to overheat and it becomes very hot so much that it could cause the battery to leak and the phone might probably explode or switch off permanently. Some activities that can cause Overheating are playing games, browsing the internet e.t.c.
  • Battery Swelling: Using your Phone while charging can also cause the battery to swell and will eventually lead to exploding. 
  • Reduced Charging Capacity: if you battery lasts for 12 hours after fully charged, using it while charging can reduce the battery capacity and then cause the battery capacity to reduce to probably 6 hours after it is fully charged. 
  • Damages the Charger: Using a Phone while charging could also lead to the charger being spoilt if you constantly use your phone while charging it. 
  • Hurt yourself: I said earlier before now that several cases have been recorded about how many people have suffered injuries from using their phones while charging it. It could even lead to death.
These are simply the reasons you should never use your phone while charging it as it could lead to damaged device or even getting yourself hurt. 
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