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Xiaomi patents a smartphone design with in-built earbuds

Last month, foreign media LetsGoDigital exposed a patent for Xiaomi’s full-screen mobile phone. The top of the mobile phone in the patent was very mysterious. Two circles were placed on the top of the phone and its function is unknown. At the time, foreign media speculated that it was a camera system or speakers.

The report at that time was based on the design patent applied by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software in China, and now Xiaomi has given more information about the patent in the Hague International Design System of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). A total of two patents are involved, the first is mainly for mobile phone design, and the second provides an explanation of additional accessories. The document was submitted early this year and will be published in The Hague Bulletin on July 24, 2020.

Xiaomi patents a full-screen smartphone with an under-screen camera and a compartment to store your wireless earbuds

Xiaomi’s patent description explains the function of the two holes on the top of the phone, which are actually used to place headphones. Xiaomi’s second patent description refers to the “headphones”. Therefore, the two mysterious circles on the top of the phone are used to place the wireless headset, which is convenient for users to store when the headset is not in use, similar to Samsung’s S Pen stylus.

In addition, the uniqueness of the headset is that the head of the headset can be turned, and the headset speaker points upward when the headset is stored in the body. The earphones can then be moved slightly out of the housing so that they can also be used as telephone speakers. You can also remove the earphones completely from the case, and because you can turn your head, you can easily put them to your ears.

In terms of appearance design, the headset is similar to the existing Xiaomi Mi True wireless headset.

It is not clear whether Xiaomi intends to release a smartphone with built-in earphones. This structure also has disadvantages, which will occupy a lot of space inside an already compact phone. However, this is indeed a very novel design.

Going back to the patented mobile phone itself, it has a metal frame, which is relatively square, the screen frame is very narrow, there is no notch, and it adopts a full-screen design. I didn’t see the front camera either. We guessed that it might use an under-screen camera system.

Of course, as a patent, whether Xiaomi will launch this kind of mobile phone is still unknown.


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